Christian Education - Part II
Education with Communist Indoctrination

Socialism and Communism
I am not limiting my discussion on education solely to public schools and colleges alone but, also, to the mindset that has permeated our entire society. This aspect of education in crisis is far more sinister and deceptive than most could ever imagine as its goal is to remove any hope in God held by society. It will use every available tool as a means to eradicate the knowledge of God, religion, and especially the Lord Jesus Christ, from the hearts and minds of mankind. How does this mindset work? It can be likened to a powerful weapon of atheism, mounted on a torrent of intolerance, and loaded with ammunition full of promises, all aimed to fire at you. It seeks to impose its intolerance upon your tolerance; you must be willing to accept its total lack of willingness to accept anything or anyone. If you do not fully accept this mindset, then you are categorized as intolerant, homophobic, racist, etc.
The ammunition of promise is to bring about a world in which full equality, an abundance of material benefits, and complete social justice will prevail for everyone. This mindset thus appeals to the masses in terms of their universal needs and desires. In other words, it offers all things to all people. So, what is this mindset? It is communism! Since most people really do not know how to recognize the true creature of communism, we must endeavor to explain it so that it may be rightly identified.

Communist Attraction
The approach of the communist mindset utilizes both a positive and a negative aspect. Negatively, communism attempts to create deep-seated discontent with existing conditions. Positively, it offers a tempting challenge to all mankind to join forces in forging a world in which the exploitation of man by his fellowman will be forever ended. Why would people be attracted to communism? The following four components must be considered:

• Economic Attraction. During periods of economic depression and high unemployment, many people suffer severe hardships. Faced with their personal needs being placed in jeopardy, people become willing to accept severe and desperate remedies. They become susceptible to communist claims that economic problems are the fault of capitalism, and these problems will magically disappear under communism. Concerned with eliminating the cause of poverty and hunger, many conclude that they have nothing to lose by rebelling against the prevailing economic order.

• Sociological Attraction. This component is based on the exploitation of social injustices and inequalities. Everyone who has been the victim of some form of social injustice or prejudice is a potential recruit. General dissatisfaction with current conditions is often sufficient to gain adherents. Meanwhile, others are attracted by a desire to establish a society in which all injustice has been eliminated. Whether the issues used are real, imagined, or purposely planned, the movement is viewed as the champion of social protest, which is purported to be the only striving force to improve the conditions of the oppressed.

• Political Attraction. The illusion that a caring government will meet all the needs of the destitute is presented as a deceptive lure to the people. The promise of leadership that will make all things common and work toward legislating equality for everyone is made. The destitute and downtrodden are given hope in the form of a government that they can depend upon.

• Psychological Attraction. This component satisfies the emotional needs. The insecurity created by feelings of personal inadequacy is eliminated by the idea of government-provided security. It also provides a retreat for those who cannot bear the responsibility of individual decision or action. In this scenario, important decisions are made not by the individuals, but by the leaders for the individual. For those who may desire to “do something,” this communist mindset enables the person to engage in endless rounds of meetings, educational classes, literature/material distribution, and even organize demonstrations. Before long the individual loses himself in the movement and makes it the priority of his life, even sacrificing family and work. Perhaps the worst aspect is that it can also become a substitute for those who have lost faith in God.

Socialism and Communism Defined
In order to properly understand what is being instilled in our youth by the educational system, we must establish the difference between socialism and communism. The word socialism comes from the Latin word socius, which means “an associate or ally.” In Europe during the nineteenth century, socialism referred to the views held by those who believed that the interests of the individual should be subordinate to the welfare of society as a whole. On the other hand, communism is derived from the Latin word communis, which means “that which is common.” In its political sense, communism translates to a society in which material goods are held and shared in common. In part one of this series, we brought you the foundational pillar of how students are “educated” in public (government) schools. They are treated like Pavlov’s dogs through sensory training. Can some of our modern educational “training” be similar to communism? Yes! One of the three theoretical concepts in communism claims that matter is self-sufficient, self-developing, self-perpetuating, and, thus, that there is no God. They allege that man does not have a spiritual soul destined for immortality and that he is not distinct from other forms of life. They further conclude that all religions and moral codes derived from spiritual concepts are based on fantasy. This is why they believe the poor and oppressed remain passive in the face of exploitation by the ruling class. Karl Marx exclaimed, “Religion is the opium of the people!”

When we look at the global agenda, found within the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Millennium Development Goals, to bring us all toward common ground and mutual justice for everyone, it becomes clear that communism is the weapon chosen by our world leaders for their new global society. Religion is tolerated by the elites in order to keep the unsuspecting masses deceived so they can progress with their agenda. Trillions of dollars have been spent to eradicate poverty in the world without any evidence of success; trillions of dollars more have been thrown at education in the U.S., yielding results that are less than sub-par; trillions of dollars on top of that have been spent on the economy, and the only thing we can boast about is how much debt we have grown while maintaining high unemployment.


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