Christian Education - Part III
Education with Communist Indoctrination

Limited Islamic Toleration
How does one account for the tolerance toward Islam? In the Koran it says only Muslims are called by Allah to rightfully guide mankind. As well, the “noble” book states that Islam must prevail over all religions. Islam boasts of how nations under Islamic law live under a “just society.” It becomes overly obvious just how fallacious that notion is when one looks at the reality of the societies currently under Islamic influence. However, Muslim nations enjoy the benefit of favoritism because they house millions of people who remain mostly illiterate. These deceived human beings are ripe for more fairy tales and subjugation by their money-hungry leaders. The Bible teaches in Revelation 18 that those who are willing to trade with the rebuilt Babylon will be enriched by the abundance of her delicacies. In conclusion, communism promises the common man security in a utopian society, while simultaneously promising to slake the thirst for power and control of those who desire to lead an unfit-minded people who are willing to blindly follow along.

Communist Influence
The modern day zeitgeists have infiltrated every fabric of society to advance their agenda. In our schools humanism is taught as the answer to man’s ills. It is very noteworthy to understand that the tenets of humanism are analogous to those of communism. Considering the influence on media, television is a prime example of a means used for mass deception. Programs designed for TV are prepared to subtly instill distractions and to desensitize traditional thoughts, beliefs, morals, etc. The new norm is to embrace change; hence, presidential candidates run entire campaigns with slogans promising great change. Although they never define what change they desire to make, the new liberally-minded (brainwashed) citizen is moved by this Manchurian buzzword. The how is more important than the what. The brainwashed society is ripe with dissatisfaction, and thus believes the old way is outdated, and the new way should immediately be embraced. The outcomes are redefined to shield the fact that the planners are using pure deception. Instead, they are glorified and become the source of hope to challenge a new generation that they can make a difference by following the new way.

Communism and the Purpose Driven Life
A paramount example of all these communist principles put into action is the purpose driven life strategy. This is a movement that came in under the radar, according to its founder, Rick Warren. The concepts of this demonic method attach lies to biblical truths that create a new outcome of good works for the church, instead of the anointed preaching of the gospel! It uses the same principles of communism to gain acceptance and unconditional devotion to its leader. Initially, fueled by demonic influence, Warren first started out using his book, The Purpose Driven Church, to influence pastors. No longer called preachers of the gospel, preachers were reclassified as change agents and facilitators. Then, Warren produced his most widely known and well-accepted work entitled The Purpose Driven Life. Within this strategy, dissenters are sifted out and removed from purpose driven churches, thus paving the way for Warren’s new means of touching the world for Christ to become the only acceptable method!

Warren’s next step on the ladder of deceit was to use his new missions-minded flock to embrace a conceptual United Nations plan dubbed the PEACE plan. The preaching of the gospel is not the cornerstone of PEACE. Instead, the crux of Warren’s mission is to meet the humanitarian needs of mankind. It includes his invitation for world leaders to use his new followers for distribution of their policies through cooperation with all religious faiths in the world. The new paradigm is to provide social justice, and, according to Warren, this includes responding to the five giants that afflict humankind: spiritual emptiness, self-centered leadership, poverty, disease, and illiteracy. Once again, these goals are identical to those of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and Millennial Development Goals’ objective.

I plan to deal in greater detail with the dialectical concept created by Frederick Engels and used by his friend, Karl Marx. Please keep in mind that these men were all influenced by worldly thought. The wisdom of this world is not of God; it uses sensory and emotional stimuli to draw its followers. Only the Holy Spirit can draw someone to Jesus Christ. Any method used aside from the preaching of the gospel just invites man to build his own society apart from God. Participation and membership are the hallmarks of having a changed life in this new globally-minded society. Although they will tell adherents that by being a part of the purpose driven movement, they are in relationship with Christ, it is no different than the relationship a Roman Catholic has with the Roman Catholic Church, or a Mormon to the Mormon church, or a Muslim toward Islam. It is a works-based relationship: What you do defines who you are. Hmmm … sounds a lot like communism, doesn’t it? The author of all these false ways is Satan. King David said he hated every false way.


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