Cultural Revolution - Part I

In Luke 13:20-21, Jesus gave us the parable of the woman who took leaven and hid it in three measures of meal—about fifty pounds of flour. The significance of this parable is the contrast of a small amount of leaven to such a large amount of meal. Ultimately, the large lump of meal became wholly permeated by the tiny measure of leaven. Satan will use a small measure of false doctrine to gradually corrupt sound doctrine by twisting its original meaning.

Satan will also use this strategy to corrupt society. In Isaiah 5:20, Isaiah wrote of an hour that good would be called evil, and evil good. Today more than ever, we are experiencing the progressive/Marxist voices in society that desire to change our society into their image. Homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, critical race theory, equity, and social justice are some of the weapons launched against our American society to destroy its foundations—foundations that were built upon Judeo-Christian principles.

America is going through a “Great Awokening.” You read that correctly. The modern monolithic progressive movement’s drive for equity, understood now as being partial to this week’s designated victim group, has gained momentum by claiming “follow the science.” Their hypocrisy has no boundaries. The “science” they use ignores the science of biology in the realm of gender. There are only two genders—male and female is the biblical understanding—and biological science affirms that our chromosomes clearly tell us that a person is either a boy or a girl, male or female. However, in our new woke culture, if you are born a male but think you are a female, everyone in society has to accept your wishes, even if it violates their conscience and true science. Science also refutes the idea of biological racial differences, as demonstrated by the Human Genome Project. However, the new mantra of prejudice and racism is the critical race theory. If you are born white, you are automatically a racist? How did this all begin, and how did we get here?

The Seeds Of Doubt
In a Time Magazine article dated October 13, 1952, Dwight Eisenhower stated: “The Bill of Rights contains no grant of privilege for a group of people to destroy the Bill of Rights. A group—like the Communist conspiracy—dedicated to the ultimate destruction of all civil liberties, cannot be allowed to claim civil liberties as a privileged sanctuary from which to carry on subversion of the Government.”

Ronald Reagan said, “The First Amendment has been twisted to the point that freedom of religion is in danger of becoming freedom from religion.”

Gradualism is the means that the progressives/Marxists use to subvert our way of life and thinking.

This is especially true in our public educational system. Here is the method of how Satan works: Satan will use doubt to plant unbelief in man. Europeans, such as the Pilgrims and Puritans, came to the U.S. to establish a home where they could enjoy freedom of religion. A couple hundred years later, another batch of intellectuals from Europe sought to change America from its religious foundation of faith in God to a humanistic society with socialism as its form of government and economic system. To accomplish this, God had to be removed. Robert Owen was a Welshman who came to America in 1824. He was an atheist and opposed America’s theistic conscience of religion and faith toward God, especially Jesus Christ. He taught that man is not responsible for his own character. He believed that character is shaped by his environment and society. He preached that capitalism was man-made and evil, especially competition. His ideas were embraced by the influential Harvard Unitarians of that time who sought salvation through an educational system free of capitalism and religion.

The schema designated by Owen to accomplish this societal task? “Social science.” The idea meant the use of education as a scientific tool for radical reform of human character. Owen became known for and was later called “the father of modern socialism.” The goal of social science would be a totalitarian effort to include state-run compulsory education. At this time in America, 95 percent of students attended private or church-run schools wholly funded by local parents. The Harvard Unitarian thinkers implemented their radical reform ideas and began indoctrinating school children that they should be loyal to the “state” in opposition to their parents. The purpose of compulsory education was to purge the new generation of students of all superstitions of evil capitalism and religion.

The process of gradualism became a multi-generational effort with each new generation building upon the previous foundation laid by these atheist intellectuals, or, better said, leaven, of Owen and his newly birthed social science concepts. Owen came under public criticism after establishing a commune in Indiana as a socialist prototype of his ideas. When unable to gain public support, he organized into secret cells to continue his goals. Any wonder why the church growth movement called home churches “cell” groups?

Humanism became the religion of the atheists and progressives. This ideology would soon replace any semblance of Christianity in modern education and now society. The seeds of doubt were planted and soon sprouted as others would magnify the socialist concepts and drive the train of socialism and progressivism down every facet of society crying, “All aboard!”

Modern Education
Known as the father of public education, Horace Mann left his legal practice and was elected to the Massachusetts Board of Education and appointed secretary to the board of education. By this time, Owen had returned to Europe and continued implementing his atheist humanistic ideology in Prussia. Mann visited Prussia and was taken captive by Owen’s concepts and came back to America to fashion Owen’s radical experiment as a model for New England schools. Ironically, Mann referred to this new educational model as, “progressive.” This was the birth of government-education in America. Soon after, Mann introduced his newly found “scientific” concepts, which, by the way, were previously rejected by the clergy of the state of Indiana against Owen, government-financed public schools prospered.

By 1850, the downward shift was noticeable in the attendance of students in private schools dropping from 95 percent to 90 percent. The newly tax-supported schools were designed to purge the superstitions of religion from the cultural consensus and replace them with humanism. By the 1870s, removal of the Bible and religion from the curriculum of government schools began. The leaven was spreading quickly. By 1900, public schools, better described as government schools, had taken 90 percent of the students, leaving only 10 percent in private schools.

Let’s not forget the influence of other nineteenth century intellectuals who wrought great intrigue and fodder for the educational system to justify its humanistic efforts to build a society without God. Charles Darwin, although educated in a Christian college, initially promoted evolution as a means adopted by the Creator to populate the earth. Nevertheless, Darwin later proposed that life began by chance— the combination of light, energy, and chemicals formed creation and not a Creator God.

This new worldview of our origins was a soup recipe that intellectual atheists could dine on and serve to naive students. The theory became the foundation of science. Sadly, it is merely science fiction.

This article will continue in the September issue of The Evangelist.

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