Destination For Invasion - Part II

Nov 2014

Ronald Reagan once said, “A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

HAS THE THREAT OF Islamic terrorism come to America? Perhaps before the definite yes or no answer rings forth, we should also consider the following question: Is there anything preventing terrorism from breaching our border? A report produced by the Center for Immigration Studies quantifies some significant facts. The U.S. immigrant population hit a new record of 41.3 million in 2013. Since 2000, the immigrant population is up 10.2 million. Mexican(s) account for the largest immigrant population in the United States; however, the number of Mexican natives immigrating in the span of 2010-2013 actually declined. The number of immigrants from Europe also declined. The report further disclosed that immigrants (legal and illegal) comprise 13.1 percent of U.S. residents (about one out of every eight). That data yields the highest percentage in nearly a century! Looking back to 1980, the immigrant population in America was less than half of the current statistic - a mere 6.2 percent. Again, please keep in mind that this takes into account immigration numbers from all foreign countries. So, which nations are seeing the greatest efflux of people to the U.S.? According to the report, the immigrant concentrations are as follows: Saudi Arabia, 97 percent; Iraq, 26 percent; Bangladesh, 32 percent; Pakistan, 14 percent; and India, 14 percent. The dynamic of our population is changing because of immigration. America is assisting the majority of these immigrants with welfare and healthcare; additionally, we extend acceptance of their cultural and religious differences. However, this foreign infusion is resulting in the dilution of our unique American identity. America’s leaders have embraced a lawless approach to immigration, consequently endangering American citizens with diseases long since eradicated from our land. Our tolerance is exploited by a constant disregard for the laws that have held society in place for more than 200 years.


Should those who come to the United States expect to receive benefits and depend on the government to meet their needs? Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, before assuming the position as our sixth president, wrote a letter to a German citizen seeking the government to give him a job if he immigrated to the United States. Though directed to a German individual, the following response applies to everyone:

“Emigrants from Germany, therefore, or from elsewhere, coming here, are not to expect favors from the governments. They are to expect, if they choose to become citizens, equal rights with those of the natives of the country.”

Adams went on to say, “They come to a life of independence, but to a life of labor — and, if they cannot accommodate themselves to the character, moral, political and physical, of this country, with all its balances of good and evil, the Atlantic is always open to them, to return to the land of their nativity and their fathers.”

To one thing they must make up their minds, or, they will be disappointed in every expectation of happiness as Americans. They must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. They must look forward to their posterity, rather than backwards to their ancestors; they must be sure that whatever their own feelings may be, those of their children will cling to the prejudices of this country, and will partake of that proud spirit, not unmingled with disdain ....”

Our Founding Fathers believed that immigrants should leave behind their cultures, creeds, and communication, and take on a new American identity. Immigrants were expected to set aside the past and look forward to the future. Theodore Roosevelt said, “Every immigrant who comes here should be required within five years to learn English or leave the country.” What a statement! The recent U.S. experiment in multiculturalism has failed. Many immigrants come from nations run by dictators or communist governments. Their transition to a democratic country is not simple, especially when they arrive and find a government that behaves more closely to a communist/socialist structure than a Republic with a Constitution.


Rather than primarily focusing on reform, we should be first focusing our attention on enforcing the law. Though the process of attaining legal U.S. citizenship is lengthy, that does not justify a total circumvention of the established means. The solution certainly should involve a reforming and refining of the time and steps it takes to become an American citizen. But first there must be an effective effort put forth to securing our borders. Illegal aliens that have criminal records in the United States, i.e. have broken the laws of the United States of America, should not be rewarded with a driver’s license and free walk. Instead, perhaps the proper consequence should be to deport these individuals and direct our resources to more indigenous issues. According to the Department of Homeland Security, the Obama administration’s prosecutorial discretion polices resulted in the release of 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions in 2013. The crimes committed by illegal aliens released from federal custody were that of homicide, sexual assault, theft, kidnapping, and alcohol-related driving convictions. Worse yet is the fact that the majority of the releases from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody were discretionary! The crimes of the latest batch of 36,007 freed illegal aliens included: more than 16,000 convicted of driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated; more than 9,000 convicted with possession of illegal drugs; 1,075 were convicted of aggravated assault, 426 of sexual assault, and 193 of homicide. It is baffling how an agency charged with homeland security and immigration enforcement would knowingly release illegals with severe and dangerous criminal histories. ICE Council President and agent Chris Crane said, “We aren’t even scratching the surface on the criminal illegal alien problem in the United States.”


There are many in the religious communities that have both intentionally and unintentionally helped facilitate the influx of illegal immigrants. The government has made many U.S. cities places of “refuge” for illegals to enjoy freedom instead of making them face deportation. Those who misunderstand the righteous ways of the Lord should not exploit American compassion and sympathy. As a Christian nation, we must first take care of our own citizens and protect them from harm. We must uphold the need for immigrants to come in legally. The church in America needs to proclaim the Gospel message to move the conscience of wrongdoers toward repentance and seek personal accountability to God and society. Far too many Americans have been victims of criminal illegal immigrants. Although there are many who come here with good intentions, there are many who purposely come to America with the wrong intentions. An example that raises further concern is when ISIS spokespersons say they encourage terrorists waging jihad to come to America with Ebola to spread the “plague” to unbelievers. This type of biological warfare may succeed with our unrestricted national borders. As Israel was promised protection when she diligently followed the sacrificial system, so shall America be granted the grace of God as we look to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The word of the Lord in Exodus 34:24 to Israel can be the same for America: “neither shall any man desire thy land.”

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