Education In Crisis - Part I

October 2019 (Reprinted from July 2012)

Socialism, The Desired Outcome

America’s educated once embraced the dream of individual freedom and opportunity.  How was that gradually replaced?  The dream was replaced by an education philosophy, which was implemented and facilitated by “change agents.”  The methods used to indoctrinate, and ultimately dumb down Americans were well-crafted social engineering tactics.  Modern education prepares its “students of deception” to accept the government’s plans for their futures.  In other words, according to these social engineers, the government will plan your life for you.  Resisters will be met with severe punishment and career limitations unless they comply with the new order.  Freedom of choice is being replaced by preparing individuals to accept collectivism and what is best for the whole of society.  The process is being implemented not only in our public (government-run) schools, but also by religious leaders who no longer adhere to the Bible and a Believer’s personal relationship to God through the Cross of
Jesus Christ.
Interestingly, the very people who are subjected to this change towards socialism are the same ones financing it.  The American people are actually the ones underwriting socialism!  Our tax dollars are being used to support public education and its global agenda.  Tithes donated to churches where the pastor operates as a “change agent” are part of the social engineering agenda.  Large corporations also fund educational programs with grants to voice their opinion of how students should be educated to function in the workforce.  These corporations will also submit to the new system so that they may continue to exist.

Social Engineering

The means by which the general public is moved in a new direction involve creating a “crisis.”  An example of this can be taken from our public education.  Historically, public education was in local control by a school board and funded by property taxes.  Currently, organizations seeking to socialize society will produce studies that point to a crisis of their own making.  Consequently, a solution is required, lest the crisis expands and brings about the so-called destructive consequences.  Ironically, not only are the studies conducted and the crisis manufactured by these organizations, but the solution and consequences are as well!  In the 1980’s, U.S. Secretary of Education, T.H. Bell, implemented changes suggested by a report entitled, “A Nation At Risk”.  T.H. Bell said, “We need to create a crisis to get consensus in order to bring about change.”  This is a concise definition of the Hegelian Dialectic process originated by the German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Hegel.  In this Hegelian Dialectic process, there are three major components:  the Thesis, the Anti-thesis, and the Synthesis.  The Thesis represents an accepted practice or established belief; the Anti-thesis is an opposite opinion or crisis of opposition of the Thesis created by the “change agents”; and, the Synthesis is the movement towards the desired outcome, which is “consensus.”  Ultimately, the Anti-thesis causes the Thesis to compromise.  How does this apply to you? If you hear the term “common ground” associated with something, then you can be sure that the preceding principle has been used to manipulate the issue.
How did “change agents” succeed in getting control of our public schools?  Continuing with the example of public education, the Thesis (accepted practice) was that education be under local control by a school board and funded by property taxes; the movement away from this involved training a global work force (Synthesis).  Next, the crisis was manufactured.  Property taxation allowed local control, but it also provided the “change agents’” and teachers’ unions with the means to create the crisis:  escalating school budgets.  The crisis yielded consequences, which came in the form of increased taxes to fund the budgets.  Frustrated property owners became willing to accept the solution proposed by the “change agents,” which involved reducing property taxes by transferring some of the funding to the state income tax level (Anti-thesis).  The new state and federal control made it easier to implement the goal of creating a global workforce and moved from academics toward global training.

Training vs. Academics

Training treats humans as animals.  It is sensory-driven and very manipulative.  The goal of training is to create an experience for the child that moves them away from free will to collective will.  In order to accomplish this, Pavlovian/Skinnerian animal training methods are incorporated.  The goal of these training methods is to materially reward correct answers.  If a student does not supply the expected response, then they will suffer the punishment of ridicule by the other students, followed by rejection.  Students will be less inclined to take controversial stands because they will be trained to know the severe outcome for the wrong answer/behavior.
This concept, however, is not just limited to students, but is also used by corporations and churches.  The “Cell” group strategy in churches uses this manipulative approach to move doctrinally correct believers to compromise and accept significant experiences and newer doctrinal beliefs as a basis for faith as opposed to Scripturally based beliefs.
Corporations openly use training techniques for their management force. If you desire to move up the “corporate ladder,” then you must understand and support the “corporate culture.”  If you desire a promotion, then you will be expected to demonstrate the “actions” that are demanded of you.  If you fail to conform, then you could be demoted, moved to an undesirable location, or terminated.  In the business world they call this Total Quality Management (TQM).  It is no different than Outcomes Based Education (OBE) used in the Public schools.  Academically speaking, you can nearly fail and be almost illiterate, but the system will pass you along if you are not viewed as a dissenter, thus meaning that you are unfit to know and think for yourself and are able to take orders.  This translates into an indoctrinated new breed of citizens that will vote for those who support socialist policy, protest against those that are critical of the establishment, and be willing to take from those that are producing.  The new consciousness is the collective thinking that suggests you are “entitled” to the excesses.
Academics supply the student with a fundamental comprehension of working skills that breed individuality and enables the student to see their likes and personal capabilities.  Academics foster creative thinking that leads to innovation.  Personal achievement and individual advancement, however, are the enemies of a socialist society.  Opportunity is not a reward for proper behavior; neither is it just “going along to get along.”  Opportunity is not sold for the price of fear and abandonment.  Opportunity is the freedom to choose and then be rewarded for hard work and individual development; it is freedom to trust God and His abounding supply.

Psychology, The False Science Socialization Rode In On

The roots that spread into the fertile ground of socialist thinking in education came from the seeds of psychology.  This man-centered, ungodly mix of philosophy and humanism, in their minds, supplants man’s need for God.  The likes of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Swiss educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi believed religion should not be a guiding principle in education.  Rousseau promoted “permissive education” in which a teacher “should avoid strict discipline and tiresome lessons.”  Pestalozzi believed the whole child should be educated by “doing.”  Under the scientific experiments of Wilhelm Wundt he posited that humans were nothing more than a body, brain, and nervous system.  The way to educate, according to Wundt, is by inducing sensations in the nervous system.  Through these experiences, the student will learn to respond to any given stimulus with the correct response.  In this setting, a student’s actions are thought to be preconditioned and beyond his control.  Thus, according to the student’s thinking, he is his reaction.
In future articles I plan to explain the techniques used by the education gurus to brainwash our youth.  I will look at the breeding grounds called colleges and universities that control our educators, who in turn indoctrinate our children and young adults.  The outcome, very simply put, is socialism, and the goal is total control over society.  The ingredients used to accomplish this are a mixture of so-called scientific research coupled with pre-determined results.  Sadly, it is nothing more than human experimentation and war on the human mind.  Satan’s Endtime push to pervert the mind is to create a new reality that eliminates individuality, thereby, creating a new world order.  If he can raise up a “new paradigm” of thinking in the church that appears to be of God, but is actually another training mechanism to breed socialism, then church will gladly follow his pernicious way, all-the-while thinking they are serving God.  Satan’s greatest weapon is deception, and he only needs disciples of his lie.  If Satan’s ministers “appear to be Angels of righteousness,” then unsuspecting Christians will be deceived and become his servants.  The infestation of church growth movements like G-12 and The Purpose Driven Life have already ripened the church world to psychological principles and techniques, and have moved many from “Thesis” to “consensus” (compromise) by the crisis (lie) that the church needs to serve society (anti-thesis).  Schools and businesses have done their part to move the process further into society.  Television and radio news programs supply ample opportunity for so-called experts to debate various points of view on any given subject.  The dialectical process is at work everywhere, as it was designed to be by the planners who desire a new world order. 

Next month in Part II we will look at the modern educational efforts to indoctrinate students to their agenda through group-think versus the former emphasis on academics and personal accountability.

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