Facing Tomorrow Like Yesterday

Everyone can agree upon the fact that America is currently facing tough times.  The combination of severe weather events and economic woes mixed with high unemployment and gross immorality has plagued America.  However, these are only the symptoms of the deep festering cancer that remains hidden and covered over in society by political correctness, general apathy, an unquenchable appetite for recreational stimulus, class warfare, racism, etc.  What is the true problem?  The problem is sin.  America is suffering from the sin of unbelief.



Referring to unbelief alone is just an ambiguous statement with little meaning.  I am specifically addressing unbelief towards the One True God.  I am speaking of the Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  A lack of Faith towards God and in the Sacrifice He supplied for us through the Death of Jesus Christ is the reason America is feeling chastisement.  Consider the following:  was what Germany faced after World War I and the subsequent rise of Adolf Hitler a result of their unbelief?  The brilliance of German wisdom and education replaced Faith in God with faith in man.  Instead of looking for the Christ, Who was and is the Lord Jesus, they accepted a type of the Antichrist.  One might say that because of this, they were ripe for deception.

Let us look at some similarities between America today and Germany at the rise of the demon-possessed madman known as Adolf Hitler.  He brought Germany up from a nation drenched in deep despair, depression, and hopelessness to a nation full of workers willing to give themselves over to what they thought was a coming utopia of societal perfection.  Germany looked to Hitler as their new messiah.  Herr Fuehrer declared to the German people, “Just like Christ, I have a duty to my own people.”  With regard to the destruction of the Jews, he said, “What Christ began, I will complete.”  He also spoke to his close followers saying, “Whoever proclaims his allegiance to me is by this very proclamation and the manner in which it is made, one of the chosen.”  Hitler was the Messiah, and Nazism was his religion.

Promises, Promises

A glimpse back at pre-WWII Austria shows a country suffering from deep financial depression.  Nearly one-third of the work force was unemployed.  Banks loaned money out at a rate of 25% because inflation was so high.  People went door-to-door begging for food.  Businesses were closing everyday, and there simply were no jobs to be found.  Promises were made that if Hitler was elected, then he would bail out businesses, unemployment would end, and farmers would get their farms back.  The people reacted with a joyous 98% vote to elect Hitler.  Immediately, his new government opened up big field kitchens and everyone in Austria was fed.  Hitler also appointed German officials to quickly restore law and order, albeit with an extreme emphasis on national security.  Yes, there was hope, but there also came change.  The similarities between the Austria of yesterday and America of today are all too obvious.  Take for example the sustained high unemployment rates over the last few years.  Also consider the fact that participation in food stamp programs has increased drastically, rising to nearly forty seven million participating Americans in 2012 from seventeen million enrolled in 2000.  More than one hundred million Americans are on Welfare today, and that does not include Medicare, according to the Survey of Income and Program Participation conducted by the U.S. Census.  Currently, the Government runs almost eighty different “means-tested” Welfare programs, and almost all of these have experienced substantial growth in recent years.  

Education, Children, And The Family

In Austria Christianity was removed from the schools when Hitler took power.  The children were strictly taught the NAZI way, as all education was nationalized.  Before the Nazi exclusivity, religion was taught in schools since the majority of the population was Catholic.  Once Hitler was elected, teachers told students they would no longer pray or have religion classes.  Instead, children sang songs about the Fatherland and had more physical fitness instruction.  Pictures of Hitler replaced religious pictures.  An emphasis was placed on the need for women to work as a priority over raising the family; the custom in Austria was for the men to go out and work, allowing for the women to stay home and handle domestic work.  Hitler, however, spoke of women having “equal rights,” and he used the job market to display his point. 

What became of the children with mothers now working instead of raising them?  They were raised in day-care centers.  Government child-care facilities grew like fresh grass in the spring.  Children from four weeks to school age could get around-the-clock care, seven days a week, for free.  This was all done by the government in order to indoctrinate the next generation of children with NAZI ideology.  Instead of motherly love caring for the children, they received instruction and influence from individuals highly trained in psychology.  At this point in time, the citizens realized that they had been deceived, but sadly it was too late.

Government Control

Nazism is a close ally of Socialism.  Government handouts became a way of life for many in Austria and Germany.  The tax rates went up to 80% of income to support the programs the Government supplied, including universal healthcare, and the government had total control over healthcare.  Although healthcare was free for the public, the doctors were salaried by the government.  Hospitals were constantly full, and doctors had filled waiting rooms.  If you desired elective surgery, then you would have to wait a year or two for your turn on the operating table.  The best doctors in Austria finally left because no money went into research.  Instead, funds were funneled into this socialized healthcare system.  Another example of government programs was that newlyweds immediately received a $1,000 loan from the government to establish a household, according to Kitty Werthmann, who lived in Austria at the time Hitler ruled.  She testifies that all day-care and education was free, while college tuition was subsidized by the government.  Everyone was entitled to free handouts, such as food stamps, clothing, and housing.  Business and commerce became more regulated, and other restrictions were further imposed upon the people, such as gun control.  The Germans were eager to confiscate guns from the people.  Hitler instilled the idea that people were getting injured by guns.  He believed the way to catch criminals was by matching serial numbers on guns to the offender.  Of this time, Kitty Werthmann says, “Most citizens were law-abiding and dutifully marched to the
Police Station to register their firearms.  Not long afterwards, the police said it was best for everyone to turn in their guns.  The authorities knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily.”

Ripe For Deception

America has seen, at least in part, all the above being developed.  The deeper and wider plan of Satan has no boundaries.  One cannot seek protection behind the veil of education or financial independence.  There is only one escape from deception:  we must be crucified with Christ.  We must be wholly prepared to view all things through the Cross.  America and Europe were once great beacons of light that shined the Gospel Light throughout the world.  Today, we are steeped in paganism and false doctrine that denies the Saving Blood of Jesus.  Germany was in the same condition at the time of Adolf Hitler.  Those who accepted him saw Hitler as their only hope.  They accepted his word as Gospel and his promises as true.  Sadly, for a season, he delivered the goods.  Within a short five-year period, he brought Germany up from the depths of economic despair to a vibrant economic position.  The hope was nationalism, and the idea was that the German people would begin to see themselves as gods. 

Hitler confided in those who were closest to him that he was under orders from higher beings in his unique mission.  He claimed, “I will tell you a secret . . . I am founding an order . . . the Man-God, that splendid Being will be an object of worship . . . but there are stages about which I am not permitted to speak.”  He would also say, “Man is becoming God . . . man is God in the making.”  Are the modern church Growth Movements of today not preparing America for a similar deception?  Will an unprepared Church face tomorrow like Germany?  The ingredients are frighteningly similar.  Next month we will examine the spiritual condition of Germany that made her ripe for deception.  We must learn from the past and not face tomorrow like yesterday.  

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