The Gathering Of The People II

As I pen this month’s article, preparations for the United Nations (UN) Agenda 30 meeting are being finalized. The emphasis of this gathering will be on climate change. Representatives from around the world - including political, business, and religious leaders - will cooperate together to preserve the earth and its inhabitants from the peril of destruction - caused by climate change?


The UN was birthed out of the concept that the nations of the world could cooperate together and create a framework for just peace. Within this organization lies the panacea to war that has plagued the world from time immemorial. The Secretary-General as the guardian of peace; the Security Council as the enforcer of peace; The General Assembly as the keeper of peace.

In order to create this utopia, there must be a universal structure that can receive and then re-distribute the resources and make the rules to sustain mankind. An organization that can supply the economic foundations of peace; financing the structure of peace; and be the pioneer for a new age!

One would think that such lofty goals and ambitions would not be from a pragmatist but from an idealist. The Charter of the UN was co-drafted by a communist spy, Alger Hiss. He was not only the co-author of the UN Charter, but also served as the first acting UN Secretary-General.

For decades afterward, only sympathizers to Communism would hold the position of Secretary-General while communist leaders would fill the UN’s highest military post, Under-Secretary General for Political and Security Council Affairs.


Preceding the creation of the UN, we can look back and see the foundation laid by an eclectic mix of socialist visionaries, secret societies, new agers, all of them well financed by globalists and their tax-exempt foundations. They all share the elites’ common goals of gaining ultimate control - control of everything!

They “window dress” their appearance in democracy, but they have specific goals and standards that all must comply. To gain acceptance, they use the strategy of “gradualism.” They creep in, “under the radar,” as Rick Warren would say, to infiltrate and “mold minds, undermine sovereignty, establish social solidarity and train a mobile workforce though:
  • The redistribution of human and financial resources (through migration, a global economy, and a global welfare system.)
  • A uniform worldwide education system that would standardize both social learning and work skills everywhere.
  • Control of the mainstream media and other propaganda channels.
  • A supportive civil society (including business, community groups, the news and entertainment media, churches, etc.) prepared to lead the masses toward cultural and religious synthesis.

  • The Sustainable Development Agenda 30 meeting will use one of the world’s most visible religious leaders to promote the agenda, the Roman Catholic pope. One hundred and ninety-three national leaders will be asked to promote the agenda when they go home.

    We can all expect a massive promotional campaign to combat climate change. While in Alaska recently, President Obama said, “The issue of whether human activity is changing the climate is settled. So let me sum up: We know that human activity is changing the climate. That is beyond dispute. Everything else is politics if people are denying the facts of climate change … we cannot deny the science. We also know the devastating consequences of the current trend lines continue.” The apocalyptic conclusions by President Obama and the UN will gain success by them using religious leaders to join this new mantra.


    The war against national sovereignty has begun. The UN is calling for a massive propaganda campaign at all levels to bring its transformative global agenda into being. Its new slogan: “Leave No One Behind.”

    The preamble of the Agenda 30 document says: “All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. We are resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want to heal and secure our planet. We are determined to take the bold and transformative steps which are urgently needed to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path. As we embark this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind.”

    It may be science to some people but to others it’s science fiction. The reality is this: the efforts of many to control their destinies without God is nothing new. The Tower of Babel was man’s first organized rebellion against God. It was there that man wanted to make a name for himself. God scattered many and confused them with different languages so many would not become their own god and ultimately separate themselves from the true and living God.

    The lie that Satan told to Adam and Eve - that they would be like God if they disobeyed God - still has wings and circles the earth. It is flying delegates in from 193 nations around the globe to come together again to make a name for them.

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